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The main purpose of technology has always been to help us. From the first wheel to the latest app, the main motivator behind technological innovation has been to better our lives. And while the desire to heal and mend ourselves has driven much of this advancement, only in recent decades could we use technology to greatly improve our health.

BraineHealth develops the e-Health service Citikliniken Labs, which offers health analyzes online

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BraineHealth AB, together with the healthcare provider Citikliniken Sverige AB, has developed the e-health service Citikliniken Labs, which offers health analyzes over the internet for the Swedish market. BraineHealth has developed an e-health service where customers with a simple blood sample can gain more knowledge about their health status. The service, Citikliniken Labs, has been developed together with the healthcare …

Changing name and going global

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This is why we are changing name and going global.Our name should reflect our operation and ambitions in intelligent healthcare. We are a small company, agile with high ambitions. Our ambition was to put all ideas our employees or ourselves came up with in our daughter company Lugn&Ro Akademin and transform such ideas into entrepreneurial efforts and eventually for commercialization. …