Lugn&Ro Robotics – Develops services in the elderly care with friendly robots.

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Lugn&Ro Robotics - Develops services in the elderly care with friendly robots.

Lugn&Ro Robotics is a program at the Lugn&Ro Academy that investigates and develops opportunities to introduce humanoids (such as human-like) robots in care and care. Robots in eldery care are both controversial, growing and challenging and are assumed by many as with other technology development to become a normal everyday life in the future and where it can be used must be introduced carefully and maintain patient integrity.

We humans actually love robots and maybe more than we think. The coffee maker and the TV-set, perhaps Sweden's best friends, are actually typical robots or vending machines. When we have the opportunity, we automate as much as we can in our everyday lives. Today, we begin to talk to our machines in the surroundings where we have installed Smart Home techniques (IOTs).

Are there any services that may be of interest to the care providers in the elderly? Can we make the social interaction more human? Can we even increase the private integrity of the users by using robots? Can they alert if we fall into the home? Can they guide us in different situations and become our aides?

Such questions are in focus in our program Lugn&Ro Robotics in our Academy located at Campus Roslagen. Digitalization and automation of several services in healthcare is an opportunity but challenging when it comes to interaction and personal integrity for the users.

Ulf Linderholm, CEO of Campus Roslagen, tries to hold down the little busy robot Nao. The little humanoid Nao can dance, converse and even recognize the person it's talking to. The newly started Lugn&Ro Academy develops a special program, Lugn&Ro Robotics to investigate the possibilities of using such humanoids in healthcare. Ulf Linderholm is in the Steering Committee of the Lugn & Ro Academy.

Lugn & Ro Sverige AB

Lugn&Ro Sverige AB provides primary care and eldery care since 2012. Lugn&Ro is founded in Norrtälje by the Svensson-Rissanen family and is run together with the partner and doctor Alf Holmgren. The company has about 70 employees and is active in Stockholm Norrort and Norrtälje.

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB is a subsidiary to Lugn&Ro Sverige and is located at Campus Roslagen. Akademin developes new and innovative services for application in healthcare.

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