Lugn&Ro Akademin – Diabetio Diagnoser for risk assessment of diabetes type II

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Lugn&Ro Akademin - Diabetio Diagnoser for risk assessment of diabetes type II

Diabetio Diagnoser for risk assessment of diabetes type II

Lugn & Ro Academy develops Diabetio - a social robot with artificial intelligence that helps the patient with self-management of diabetes. Diabetio is a unique combined voice and mobile experience where the patient can always bring Diabetio. Diabetio is developed in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals, which enables us to focus on solving the correct patient needs.

On November 11, we will launch Diabetio Diagnoser, which assesses your risk of developing type II diabetes. The event between 11-17 November is approved as a WDD event by the International Diabetes Federation, which, together with WHO, has founded WorldDiabetesDay (WDD).

The WDD event is conducted by with the aim to combating epidemic diseases globally and is sponsored by Lugn&Ro Sverige AB.

The event will be conducted together with the #DiabetesPromenaden in Norrtälje, starting at the Husläkaren Lugn&Ro in Norrtälje.

At the same time, the Lugn&Ro Akademin runs a grassroots financing (crowdfunding) at  where you can become a partner in the Akademin and join the Diabetio progress.


Epidemic diseases such as diabetes is causing high costs on society as well as human suffering.

Our mission is to provide intelligent and interactive digital healthcare solutions worldwide to treat epidemic diseases such as diabetes and heart related diseases.
Almost one in twenty people live with diabetes, and one in five people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertoni) in Sweden only.
These epidemic and chronic diseases are labour intensive for the primary care and require a great deal of self-management, thus causing tremendous costs on society as well as human suffering when not treated or managed properly.
Diabetes is on the rise according to WHO.


Diabetio, a social artificial intelligence robot that provides assistance in self-managing diabetes patients

Diabetio, our artificial intelligence healthcare application suite, will provide the clinical market with solutions to treat patients for diabetes. The application suite comes with different knowledge depths and works on all common communication platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.
We are developing Diabetio, a social artificial intelligence robot that provides assistance in self-managing diabetes patients with combined voice and mobile experience. Diabetio Diagnoser, a free application that will help determine if a person is at risk to develop diabetes Type 2, is the first product to be launched.


Diabetio - your intelligent personal assistant.

The Diabetio intelligent personal assistant application suite will consist of Diabetio Buddy for children and Diabetio Companion for adults, and include applications such as Diabetio Teacher, and Diabetio CarbCalc to help you manage your carbohydrates intake.
Diabetio will continuously learn about your daily activities, thus quickly becoming your personalized best Buddy or Companion.
The combined voice and mobile experience makes sure, that you can have Diabetio with you at all times. When connected to your healthcare professional, it will minimize the risk of any complications.

Diabetio is a participant in the WorldDiabetesDay  WDD

WorldDiabetesDay is founded by International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and WorldHealthOrganisation (WHO) to combat and increase the awarness about diabetes. Diabetes is an epidemic disease and soon almost half of a billion people will have diabetes.

inEmpathy is a non-profit organisation with the aim of fighting epidemic diseases by using the power of digitized healthcare.

inEmpathy is founded by the family Svensson  the founders of Lugn&Ro - a healthcare provider in Stockholm County

inEmpathy will have a WDD event at Norrtälje (Stockholm County).

The WDD event will be together with #Diabetespromenaden i Norrtälje - a local charity to donate to the national diabetes research


Our team is focused on combating diabetes

Our team is dedicated to develop products and services that will dramatically improve the patient experience in diabetes care.

We have laser focus on combating diabetes, one of the fastest growing epidemic diseases worldwide.

We are a multidisciplinary team with deep knowledge and experience in diabetes care.

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB

Lugn&Ro Akademin is a Swedish healthcare company developing intelligent digital healthcare services.

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