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Diabetio - Your personal health robot assistant

Lugn&Ro Akademin develops the health robot assistant Diabetio.

Have a sneak peak on the future diabetes care

Your companion Diabetio

Diabetio is intelligent. He keeps an eye on your sugar and medication. He gives advice on your health (if you want) and is generally nice to be with. Diabetio likes to learn more about you and after a while you understand each other really well, a bit like a good friend who can even support you when you feel a little bit down.

Diabetio is with you on your mobile phone.

Diabetio would love to be with you everywhere (if you want). Bring him to your cellphone, Diabetio can continually check your health online and advise you when you need it. He can also signal that it is time for certain actions and give you reminders in advance. Diabetio is a person who likes to discuss and wants to learn more about your everyday life.

Diabetio is a cloned sibling from our AI health platform SalusO

Diabetio is one of the medical cognitive and learning health robots that develops at the Lugn & Ro Academy Health Platform SalsuO. The platform is developed in several dimensions where one dimension is the linguistic, another dimension is the complexity of the user interface and a third dimension the competence depth. Diabetio has its own personality and built-in medical skills adapted for patients with diabetes or a risk of developing diabetes.

The AI platform SalusO is developed for preventive and improved health care.

For example, a cognitive health robot may discuss different health issues with its patient or healthcare staff. The most advanced health robot has a human-like face that automatically adjusts to the care situation. This robot equips healthcare professionals with questions about the health status of the individual as well as follow-up questions to guide the patient in care, but also to draw intelligent conclusions about any underlying disease.

The most common AI robot is called SalusO (a word combination of health and organization) that in its discussion with the patient tries to solve their medical problems while assisting the healthcare staff in the matter.

SalusO will work on different digital platforms for patients.

The different Saluso robots are all based on natural language programming (NLP) and have different skills based on different levels of machine learning. Application layers are designed to work on different platforms such as computers, tabletops and smart phones.

The most cognitive intelligent AI bottom is based on a physical platform provided by the Swedish company Furhat Robotics AB. For example, such a robot with AI software from the Lugn & Ro Academy can be installed at a healthcare center to help healthcare professionals in a cost-effective manner and improve the patient's experience of the visit.

At the Lugn & Ro Academy, a team of about ten people is working with application development.

Lugn&Ro Sverige AB
Lugn&Ro Sverige AB is operating in primary and elderly care since 2012.
Lugn&Ro in founded in Norrtälje-Sweden by the Svensson-Rissanen family and is run together with the partner and medical doctor Alf Holmgren.
The company has about 70 employees and is active in County of Stockholm.

The wholly-owned subsidiary, Lugn & Ro Akademin AB, located at Campus Roslagen, develops new and innovative services in health care.

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