BraineHealth is an initiative aimed at capturing and developing an innovation process from idea to implementation to improve and democratize healthcare. Therefore we need to stimulate entrepreneurs who are passionate about their ideas in this area.
Founders BraineHealth
vision and values

Our global vision to democratize healthcare is great and our local vision is as important as well.

Our local vision is to create positive regional growth in the area of healthcare for the benefit of all people and the whole country. Our ambition is that the Municipality of Norrtälje can attract and improve new knowledge from neighboring regions with enhanced entrepreneurship.

Our ambition is to stimulate diversity and recruit skills from all parts of society. Not least, there is a great untapped knowledge source and talents in women and immigrants where their inner desire and ability to entrepreneurship should be strengthened. Such acumen has already been proven at BraineHealth.

The name of the company and the environment we have chosen is that it is a learning process itself, but also that students can feel confident in doing their degree work with us and that co-workers can develop their skills.

We work closley with the university and offer a stimulating enviroment for thesis work, although we don’t have the formal right to examin students ourselves.

We promote that the co-worker or student will be a driving force to develop within the entrepreneurship.

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