New digital technologies are expected to significantly improve the healthcare and at the same time increase the quality of care for patients.

Brainehealth is focused on developing projects in the digitalized healthcare. BraineHealth is continously testing and developing new products and services in Citikliniken Sverige AB och Lugn&Ro Vård och Omsorg which are companies that provides both primary care and elderly care.

By using iterative design theory involving both patients and healthcare staff our services are continously improved over time. You can read more under each projects what is developed and has been accomplished.

Founders BraineHealth

Projects we love


Society needs more entrepreneurs who are passionate about their ideas, especially in healthcare. Our ambition is to stimulate diversity and recruit skills from all parts of society. Not least, there is a great untapped source of knowledge and talents in women and migrants where their inner lust and ability for entrepreneurship should be enpowered.

Are you one of them?

At BraineHealth you can be a part of our vision and developing your own ideas. Innovations can range from minor important improvements to major visions. The goal is that it will be used in healthcare, whether in the private or public sector.

Below you can read about projects we love and that you can be a part of.