Sometimes we forget so simple things that our television set is an important “machine” to reduce the perceived loneliness of our elderly people.

How many older people have today access to all the benefits that the emergin digital revolution has meant to us others?

How has the work environment been developed for the staff who care for severely ill patients in a home?

Think about these questions, and you may find solutions that no one else has thought about.

MENTOR at BraineHealth

Purchasers and healthcare providers live under constant cost pressure. There is really no difference when comparing to the rest of society. Taxes should be used efficiently so that more people can enjoy quality welfare.

Healthcare must be more efficient without deteriorating quality. It is often said that we need more hands when we really need smarter hands and more effective organizing. Efficiency is best achieved if resources are optimally allocated ie where the needs are high.

Efficiency can, for example, be done with better and smarter tools for the elderly and staff. Accessibility for proper and effective care is another important part.

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