New digital technologies are expected to significantly improve the healthcare and at the same time increase the quality of care for patients.

Only in Sweden is the healthcare calculated to save hundreds of billions with the introduction of new digital technologies.

BraineHealth is continously testing and developing new products and services in Lugn&Ro Sverige which is a company that provides both primary care and elderly care. This area covers all kinds of digitalization and innovations in IoT, AI and robotics.

By using iterative design theory involving both patients and healthcare staff our services are continously improved over time.

founders BraineHealth

Smart IT tools

We work in several areas, primarily in primary care and elderly care. Developments in overlapping program areas often come with exciting innovations.

Smart IT tools often mean those that can better access the care of the individual patients and create a more efficient work environment for the staff. It can also include smart scheduling, patient monitoring, treatment schedules, social digital tools, communication, automation, robotics etc.

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