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 inEmpathy - Focus on the power of digitalized healthcare.


The founders of inEmpathy has decided that the non-profit organization will focus solely on digitilized healthcare to fight poverty in the world. inEmpathy will still be in aligned with previous CSR ambitions and to make a difference in the world where every little bit counts. In this new direction the founders beleives that aligning sources with their other ambitions and operations will make a much better impact.


inEmpathy was originally founded as a non-profit organisation with the aim to CSR labeling companies that met certain criteria similar to other concepts such as FairTrade. The founders was at the same time starting up Lugn&Ro Sverige AB, a primary care and home care provider in the Stockholm County of Sweden. Due to limited time and resources by the founders to govern this non-profit ambitions simultaneously with running healthcare operations, inEmpathy turned instead into a small charity organisation and handed over small contributions to larger non-profit organisations such as Hand-in-Hand, Malala Fund and UNICEF. However, the founders are proud that they have through UNICEF´s program vaccinated tens of thousands of children.


Big changes comes with Mobility, Connectivity and Scalability.

Such technologies will reshape the world, not at least in developing countries.

Compared to other non-profit or charity organisation such as UNICEF we are really a micromicro-charity. But, our niche to focus on the power of digitalized healthcare may turn out to be quite interesting when you on top of every small contribution turn on digitalized scaling. In this way the receiver side gain higher leverage on the healthcare system in developing countries on each and every contribution we are managing. Additionally, you can also think about it as we as the same management team of both a commercial healthcare company and a non-profit becomes more CSR compliant since we are pooling our resources and competences where for instances results from clinical test beds in both organisations will be exchanged and benefitted to each another. - Roger Svensson, Chairman of inEmpathy. 


We have a migrant-integration program in Lugn&Ro Akademin where we recruited Biplob Naug, an asylum seeker from Bangladesh. Before Biplob came to Sweden he worked as a primary care manager and experienced patients from both the cities and rural areas. In this project he will be responsible to set up pilots in Bangladesh for our newly developed system Diabetio. In this way I can use my experiences directly from Lugn&Ro for this dedicated inEmpathy project. - Tove Svensson, HR manager at Lugn&Ro and in the steering group for inEmpathy.


inEmpathy will focus on projects that support high mobility possibilites in healthcare independently of geographical hotspot.


inEmpathy loves projects has high connectivity potential such as viral spread on both receiver and sender side as well as engagement in social media.


Organizational effort to scale from 1 to 10 to 1000 in need of healthcare on the reciever side should be low. Economical scalability on the sender production side should be high.


In principle we use the same basic platform technology for our commercial services in AI for managing diabetes but we really need to twist the user interface and end user experience so it meets both language, gender and cultural differences for the specific country. This is also very important in hotspots where you have a lot of poor and low educated users. - Bella Svensson, Program manager, Lugn&Ro, Project leader of Diabetio at Lugn&Ro Akademin and steering group of inEmpathy.


InEmpathy wants to make a difference by working with improved sustainable healthcare. InEmpathy will focus on epidemic diseases and, in this way, reduce the burden on the local healthcare system.


inEmpathy Sweden Our vision is bold, focused and feasible!

Inempathy is founded by the family Svensson.The family is active in primary care and home care in Stockholm County, Sweden where they run the business Lugn&Ro Sverige AB. Lugn&Ro Akademin, a fully own subsidiary to Lugn&Ro Sverige, develops new innovative products and services for healthcare. Among others, they own the brand Diabetio, a highly intelligent social robot for diabetes care.

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