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eHealth Solutions That Make a Difference | BraineHealth

The main purpose of technology has always been to help us. From the first wheel to the latest app, the main motivator behind technological innovation has been to better our lives. And while the desire to heal and mend ourselves has driven much of this advancement, only in recent decades could we use technology to greatly improve our health.


We are now at a fascinating intersection between technology and health care. Emerging breakthroughs in the fields of communication, artificial intelligence, and information tech pave the way toward medical capabilities that would be nothing short of pipe dreams mere years earlier.


However, as wonderful as the possibilities may be, there is more to be done. These ideas still need to be realized and delivered to those who need them the most. And at those crossroads, you will find BraineHealth, always looking ahead for the next life-saving invention.

What Is BraineHealth?

BraineHealth is an initiative that aims to join the most cutting-edge technology with the brightest minds of the medical sphere. Based in Norrtälje, Sweden, the organization works closely with universities, health care companies, and other entities to create innovative medical solutions from which everyone can benefit.

The Mission

BraineHealth’s goals can be defined with the following two intentions.


  • Democratize healthcare: it’s an uncomfortable truth that not everyone has the same access to the best that medicine has to offer. The costs for both purchasers and providers of healthcare, in addition to the less-than-optimal allocation of taxes toward welfare, make it difficult for many people to get the medical aid they require. It’s our firm belief that we must do whatever we can to lend the same care to everyone.

    Therefore, we want to provide digital medical solutions that are easily accessible to more endangered communities. As the N. Agenda 2030 put it, we wish to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”

  • Drive digital health innovation: with technology, little seems impossible. If implemented correctly, it can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostics, to name but a few benefits. AI, IT, and other tech have the power to optimize the patient health care process from head to toe.

    It is precisely this fact that motivates us to push the limits of what technology can do. We seek to capture the endless potential behind technology and use it to deliver revolutionary models for assisting the unwell at lower costs and with greater effectiveness.

To complete these goals, BraineHealth provides the tools necessary for entrepreneurs and students to do their part in bettering the medical industry.

What Makes Us Unique

We at BraineHealth provide a unique opportunity for both entrepreneurs and medical professionals to work in a fruitful environment. As we believe that developing more affordable and accessible healthcare is a priority, we do our best to facilitate the tools needed to create innovations in the health industry that will serve that exact purpose.


This innovation, in our opinion, is best propelled by digital technology. Using artificial intelligence, wearable devices, and digital communication, medical aid can become more accessible and accurate than ever before. The meeting point of technology and health care is where we will find the solutions we need for a better world, and that is why we dedicate our time and resources to exploring the possibilities of technological implementation.

Our Projects

As noble as the above goals are, words alone aren’t enough. The only gap between theory and reality is execution, after all. So what are we doing to make our goals a reality? We have been involved in a wide range of various programs and projects, some of which have already increased the quality of life for countless people.


To give you a good idea of what we have accomplished or are in the middle of accomplishing, here are some of our more notable activities.

Support of the UN Agenda 2030

The UN Agenda 2030 is an extensive plan of action geared toward bettering the world for both its people and its ecosystem. To call the scope of the agenda ambitious would be an understatement. It has its sights on alleviating an enormous range of problems we face today. It provides clear-cut goals, including the means by which to reach them that include the improvement of numerous aspects of our lives.


Naturally, boosting the quality of health care, particularly through the means of digitization, ranks high on the agenda. Their objectives include, among other things, reducing the number of  under-five-year-old children fatalities from 5.3 million in 2018 to 2.3 million and stopping malaria infections dead in their tracks. As such, we at BraineHealth feel compelled to support the efforts of the United Nations to foster a more caring world.

Member of Swecare

BraineHealth is a proud member of Swecare. Swecare is a unique platform that accommodates cooperation between academia, the private health sector, and the public health sector. This nonprofit organization allows health companies to promote themselves, identify profitable markets, as well as network with stakeholders and other names in the medical industry.


Swecare shares our drive to innovate digital health through the use of technology. Not only that, but they also wish to reach out to the foreign market. These efforts lead to providing care for more people in the world. And as Swecare’s goals align well with ours and those of the U.N. Agenda 2030, BraineHealth found it only natural to become its member.


Diagnosio is one of the most exciting projects to come out of the BraineHealth workshop. It has the power to make medical expertise and accurate diagnostics readily available to everyone with a mere push of a button.


But what is Diagnosio, exactly? Diagnosio is an AI learning protocol that helps people determine the cause of the symptoms they are currently experiencing. It uses a vast database to determine the most likely illness from which the patient might be suffering. To do so, it takes into account their age, gender, and medical history. That way, this digital diagnostician can be of use to everyone when identifying the cause of their symptoms.


But Diagnosio does more than just identify the issue. The program also offers the most constructive advice on how to cure the disease. It does so by providing links to authorities on medical knowledge, such as WebMD, Medline Plus, Mayo Clinic, and the Merck Consumer database. In addition, Diagnosio will alert you to seek immediate care in urgent cases. With Diagnosio, you will always know when your health might be in jeopardy.


While experts recommend using it in tandem with an actual doctor, Diagnosio is nevertheless an indispensable digital health tool for those in need of quick and smart diagnostics.


More and more of the world’s population is suffering from diabetes: the ailment is predicted to afflict as many as 642 million people by 2040. It’s virtually an epidemic at this point, and those suffering are in dire need of help living with the condition. They must make life adjustments that can become more than a handful, especially in this busy day and age where free time is rare and precious.


That is where BraineHealth’s Diabetio comes in. Diabetio is a social robotic AI platform designed particularly to help sufferers manage their ailment. Two versions of it exist — one meant for adult users (called Companion) and another designed to appeal to children (Buddy), and you can enjoy your Diabetio assistant as a mobile health assistant on your phone or tablet too.


How does Diabetio help people with diabetes? The AI serves to keep track of its users’ blood sugar and insulin intake, in addition to organizing daily diabetes care. It also gives condition-related reminders to the users whenever necessary, so that they don’t have to worry about keeping track of their health needs.


On top of that, Diabetio has an AI-powered personality that interacts with the users — it even has a head with a friendly face! This addition is far from merely esthetic, mind you. Rather, it helps people feel closer to their Diabetio Buddy or Companion, especially in the case of children. This AI program promises to make dealing with diabetes far easier for everyone than ever before.


Saluso is much in the spirit of Diabetio. It’s an AI platform that allows people to manage their illnesses by recording health information and giving reminders to its users whenever there is a need for it. However, Saluso is more of a general health guide than a program specializing in one specific acute or chronic condition.


This AI comes in useful with managing a person’s anamnesis, which comes quite in handy for doctors to keep track of their patients’ well-being. But the limits of Saluso don’t end there. It can also conduct several types of laboratory tests, working much like a test lab of sorts.


Saluso is a terrific tool for doctors since it can keep track of patients’ anamneses. That, in turn, leaves the medical professionals free to attend to other matters. And the fact that it can also conduct laboratory tests makes it a multi-utility asset few would turn their backs to.


Lack of convenience has always been a problem for patients. That goes doubly so for those who find it difficult to get around. But with the aid of Citikliniken24, these problems needn’t exist.


Citikliniken24 is basically an online doctor that enables online treatment. It is accessible on both mobile and desktop, whichever you prefer or have available at the moment. The program leads you to a virtual reception where you can book an appointment. Once you reach a doctor, you communicate and consult with them online.


A fairly similar project by BraineHealth is the so-called Citikliniken Labs. It operates under more or less the same principle as Citikliniken24. Customers can give their blood samples to be subjected to as many as 50 different analyses.


If it gains enough steam, Citikliniken24 will extend a helping hand to the people who cannot otherwise afford health care. It could become an inspiration for other such programs being used worldwide, creating a more democratized health system.

Always More Projects on the Way

The above endeavors, some more than others, have been successful in improving the health care landscape. However, we don’t consider our work done yet. There is still much more that we can do. That is why we always have something more in the incubator and even more ideas in consideration for development.


One of the developing projects we take particular pride in is Medipacker. Its premise is simple, yet it can do so much good in the world precisely because it’s so straightforward. In essence, the Medipacker project involves supplying and training backpackers to assist the needy they encounter on their travels.


These backpackers do not need to be medically trained professionals. Rather, they receive the knowledge required to deliver assistance where it’s most important. They also have access to technology and medical devices that enable them to be of great use to both individuals and communities that lack the resources to help themselves.


As much progress as we’ve made as a species in the field of healing, we can still do better. For this reason, the people behind and beside BraineHealth are always open to promising new ideas.

A Better Life for Everyone, Everywhere, Anytime

BraineHealth remains devoted to the pursuit of improved health care for everyone. And technological innovation provides the perfect means to make life better for us all. The applications of artificial intelligence and digital communication technologies to the medical industry are near endless. That makes for an exciting frontier for entrepreneurs and altruists alike.


And it’s precisely this potential that we put our hopes and efforts in. It only takes the right minds and enough resources to create what could improve the quality of life for all. That, in the end, is our purpose: to give others the ability to enjoy life to its fullest without being held back by failing health.


UN Agenda 2030:

5.3 million children under 5 death:

642 million diabetes sufferers by 2040:

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About BraineHealth AB

BraineHealth will democratize healthcare globally for everyone everywhere anytime using intelligent healthcare technologies by providing scalable digital solutions based on combined artificial intelligence and robotics.

BraineHealth AB is a Swedish company developing intelligent digital services for consumers and healthcare partners. The company was founded in 2016 by healthcare professionals specialising in primary and elderly care. The company has previously developed a digital platform for online medical advisory services, such as Lugn&Ro Doktorn and an AI-platform for epidemic diseases such as diabetes. BraineHealth is focused on providing patients and the healthcare community scalable solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as for better preventive and self-management care of epidemic diseases. BraineHealth co-operates on testing new products and services with the healthcare provider Lugn&Ro Sverige AB (major owner of BraineHealth).

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