BraineHealth develops the e-Health service Citikliniken Labs, which offers health analyzes online

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BraineHealth AB, together with the healthcare provider Citikliniken Sverige AB, has developed the e-health service Citikliniken Labs, which offers health analyzes over the internet for the Swedish market.

BraineHealth has developed an e-health service where customers with a simple blood sample can gain more knowledge about their health status. The service, Citikliniken Labs, has been developed together with the healthcare provider Citikliniken Sverige AB, which operate a primary care facility in Stockholm County Council under the name Citikliniken Hälsocentral Norrtälje.

The e-Health service Citikliniken Labs is today a commercial webshop and can be found on Citikliniken’s website.

In short, Citikliniken Labs offers about 50 different health analyzes where the customer can choose between specific health parametrar, health packages adapted for women and men or fitness and performance packages for those who work out with different intensities. The customer orders the test over the internet and can then go to an optional lab for blood sampling that Citikliniken is connected to. The blood sample is then analyzed at, for example, the Karolinska University Laboratory and compiled. Citikliniken Labs doctor then compiles the analysis response with recommendations that the customer can take part in within a week.

– There is a strength in developing e-health services with a test bed such as our own health center where all the infrastructure for health tests already are in place, says Roger Svensson, CEO of BraineHealth.

– Health analysis via blood tests gives a picture or baseline of your current health status, says Isabella Svensson, vice president of BraineHealth.

Roger Svensson

Isabella Svensson Rissanen
vice VD

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