Lugn&Ro is about to start a Academy on Campus Roslagen.

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Lugn&Ro Sverige AB has recently decided to start their own private Academy, Lugn&Ro Akademin and will locate their premises on the Campus of Roslagen in Norrtälje.

-Campus Roslagen will be an ideal environment to develop an Academy project, which today serves as a typical student campus, says Roger Svensson, CEO of Lugn&Ro Sweden AB.

Lugn&Ro Akademin is no formal educational institution with the right of certify students. However, the Akademin will mainly supervise thesis students or run different types of innovation projects.

-There is a good chance to recruit project contributors both locally, from Uppsala and Stockholm nearby to Norrtälje. There may be students who can write his/her examination essay or do their thesis, Roger continue

The next step for Lugn&Ro Akademin is to discuss the project with managers on Campus Roslagen and then look at various financing solutions that build on some funding from its own activities, donations and applications of funds from various funds. The business is supposed to be up and running by the end of the year.

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