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Changing name and going global
Our name should reflect our operation and ambitions in intelligent healthcare. We are a small company, agile with high ambitions.
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Lugn&Ro Akademin AB changes name to BraineHealth AB
The company Lugn&Ro Akademin that previously successfully campaigned on the FundedByMe platform has now changed name to BraineHealth AB. The
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Lugn&Ro Akademin is announcing crowdfunding campaign on the Furhat Robotics platform
World Diabetes Day brought the news to the public that Lugn&Ro Akademin are raising funds to develop healthcare applications for
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BraineHealth – Diabetio Diagnoser bedömer din risk för diabetes typ II
Diabetio Diagnoser bedömer din risk för diabetes typ II BraineHealth (tidigare Lugn&Ro Akademin) utvecklar Diabetio – en social robot med artificiell
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Lugn&Ro Akademin – Diabetio Diagnoser for risk assessment of diabetes type II
Lugn & Ro Academy develops Diabetio - a social robot with artificial intelligence that helps the patient with self-management of
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inEmpathy – Focus on e-health
inEmpathy was originally founded as a non-profit organisation with the aim to CSR labeling companies that met certain criteria similar to
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BraineHealth provides healthcare globally for everyone everywhere anytime using intelligent healthcare technologies by providing scalable digital solutions based on combined artificial intelligence and robotics.

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