Lugn&Ro launches Lugn&Ro Doktorn – Your online doctor

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Lugn&Ro launches Lugn&Ro Doktorn -  Your online doctor for the Swedish market

Lugn&Ro Academy has for some time developed a digital tool so that patients can meet their doctor directly online. The patient logs in with his BankID for secure identification and can then book time in a calendar or get chat answers. The patient meets with his doctor via video in a virtual room and the communication is done in a patient-safe manner. The launch is national.

More and more patients want to meet their doctors online, why Lugn & Ro Academy has developed a safe service so that patients can meet their doctor via video or chat. The service has already been launched nationally but can also be used for listed patients at our reception for free. Currently, only a small number of possible bookable times exist but will be increased when the capacity of the Lugn & Ro Doktorn is expanded. This is a first step of digital services developed by the Lugn & Ro Academy and more will be launched in the coming spring.

This is how Lugn&Ro's Doctor works

The patient is requested to log in with BankID and then can book different medical services from a virtual desk. The virtual reception desk offers a number of medical services and the patient is guided throughout the process from the type of condition, booking and check-out of the checkout. When the patient chooses to book a doctor, the patient will first respond to some questions about his/her health condition. In that way the care process is streamlined so that the doctor can focus on the investigation itself. The patient can also upload pictures from different perspectives. The patient then books a video time or chooses to chat with the doctor. The patient then checkout just like in a regular reception. The doctor and the patient will then meet in a virtual room. The communication between patient and doctor is so-called HIPAA compatible, which means a patient secure communication process where the contacts is peer-to-peer with an encrypted direct connection between patient and physician.

Lugn & Ro Sverige AB

Lugn&Ro Sverige AB provides primary care and eldery care since 2012. Lugn&Ro is founded in Norrtälje by the Svensson-Rissanen family and is run together with the partner and doctor Alf Holmgren. The company has about 70 employees and is active in Stockholm Norrort and Norrtälje.

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB is a subsidiary to Lugn&Ro Sverige and is located at Campus Roslagen. Akademin developes new and innovative services for application in healthcare.

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