symtom checker and triage

BraineHealth’s Virtual Doctor Diagnosio Using Deep Learning for Triage of Patients.

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Dr. Diagnosio that uses deep learning, matures to a virtual doctor with the capability to make both differential diagnoses and to triage patients. NORRTäLJE, STOCKHOLM COUNTY, SWEDEN, September 12, 2018 / — The Swedish company BraineHealth that is developing the virtual doctor Diagnosio, continuously improve its capabilities. Dr. Diagnosio is now able to triage patients based on a questionnaire on the patient symptoms …

BraineHealth’s Virtual Dr. Diagnosio Now Manages Natural, Free-Text Queries About Patient Symptoms

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The patients can now ask the virtual Dr. Diagnosio about their symptoms in natural language for differential diagnoses – a huge benefit.  STOCKHOLM, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —  The Swedish company BraineHealth has considerably improved the capabilities of their virtual doctor Diagnosio. Now, Dr. Diagnosio can understand natural language when patients are asking about their symptoms. The Swedish company BraineHealth previously launched Dr. Diagnosio – a virtual doctor that …

Diagnosio – a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses based on your medical symptoms.

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Diagnosio is a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses based on patient vital medical information such as symptoms, age and gender. The app Diagnosio proposes a structured list, a top 10 list, of potential diagnoses and additional information. The proposed diagnoses is a relevant match between patient data and potential diagnoses based on deep learning from thousands of diagnoses and millions of previous …

symtom checker and triage

BraineHealth AB signs agreement with Isabel Healthcare to power differential diagnostics tools for primary care.

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The Swedish company BraineHealth (previously Lugn&Ro Akademin) that is developing automation tools for healthcare using AI methods has signed an agreement with the UK based company Isabel Healthcare to power their differential diagnostics developments in primary care. BraineHealth´s ambition is to democratize healthcare for everyone everywhere whenever you need it. Isabel Healthcare is the worldwide frontrunner in the area of differential …

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB changes name to BraineHealth AB

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The company Lugn&Ro Akademin that previously successfully campaigned on the FundedByMe platform has now changed name to BraineHealth AB. The new name will better reflect their operation in building an AI platform for healthcare as well as their ambition is global. The company is mainly owned by the mother company Lugn&Ro Sverige AB – a provider in healthcare and elderly …