Lugn&Ro Academy develops AI robots with applications in healthcare.

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Lugn & Ro Academy develops AI robots with applications in healthcare.

Lugn&Ro develops a sophisticated cognitive robot can discuss various health issues with their patient or healthcare staff. The most advanced robot has a human-like face that automatically adjusts to the healthcare situation. This robot equips healthcare professionals with questions about the health status of the individual as well as follow-up questions to guide the patient in care, but also to draw intelligent conclusions about any underlying disease.

The most versatile AI robot is called SalusO (a word combination of health and organization) that in its discussion with the patient tries to solve their medical problems while assisting the healthcare staff in the matter.

SalusO will be marketed with different personal skills depending on the current medical category eg as an assistant in diabetes or heart disease. The various areas of expertise or AI personalities are also seamlessly linked in such a way that the diabetes expert can also internally discuss a medical problem with cardiovascular expertise. In this way, the patient can, for example, experience a cross-disciplinary anamnesis at the first visit (Anamnesis is the patient's own description of the course of illness).

        It´s cool and fun to develop services that will really make a difference for many people.                                                Arvid Svensson, MSc. Biotech (Candidate)

The different Saluso robots are all based on so-called natural language programming (NLP) and have different skills based on different levels of machine learning. Application layers are designed to work on different platforms such as computers, tabletops and smart phones.

The smartest and most potential cognitive AI robot Lugn&Ro are developing is based on a platform provided by the Swedish company Furhat Robotics AB. For example, such a robot with AI software from the Lugn & Ro Academy can be installed at a healthcare center to help healthcare professionals in a cost-effective manner and improve the patient's experience of the visit.

At the Lugn & Ro Academy, a team of about ten people works with content application and application development.

Lugn & Ro Sverige AB

Lugn&Ro Sverige AB provides primary care and eldery care since 2012. Lugn&Ro is founded in Norrtälje by the Svensson-Rissanen family and is run together with the partner and doctor Alf Holmgren. The company has about 70 employees and is active in Stockholm Norrort and Norrtälje.

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB is a subsidiary to Lugn&Ro Sverige and is located at Campus Roslagen. Akademin developes new and innovative services for application in healthcare.

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