Lugn&Ro Akademin AB changes name to BraineHealth AB

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Lugn&Ro Akademin AB changes name to BraineHealth AB to better reflect the company´s operation and global ambitions.

The company Lugn&Ro Akademin that previously successfully campaigned on the FundedByMe platform has now changed name to BraineHealth AB. The new name will better reflect their operation in building an AI platform for healthcare as well as their ambition is global. The company is mainly owned by the mother company Lugn&Ro Sverige AB - a provider in healthcare and elderly care. The newly campaign at FundedByMe brought almost 30 new partners to the company. BraineHealth will now strenghten their effort to delevope intelligent automation tools for healthcare and epidemic diseases using AI methods. BraineHealth´s ambition is to democratize healthcare for everyone everywhere whenever you need it. 

BraineHealth believes that technology holds the potential to mitigate the impacts of the global diabetes epidemic and decrease the risk of complications by addressing both preventive diabetes care and self-care management. The Diabetio intelligent personal assistant application suite is an early mover into this space. The robots will be accessible via public, private or corporate healthcare providers that offer preventive diabetes care in the form of the Diabetio Diagnoser or the mobile application. The service enables today unmet user needs to be solved, such as determining risk levels of developing Type 2 diabetes, managing carbohydrate intake and learning how existing lifestyle choices can impact upon general health. Emerging technologies such as Diabetio, provide a new and an exciting opportunity in how to communicate and provide information, services and help to people directly.

The Furhat Robotics platform is a social robot powered by an Operating System for conversational interfaces, and Diabetio will be one of the first commercially available applications built on that platform upon release. 

The Global Diabetes Epidemic

Diabetes is one of today's major global epidemic diseases with over 422 million people living with the disease, and already one in twenty people affected in Sweden. Simple self-care is critical to reduce the risk of serious complications such as stroke, blindness, myocardial infarction and renal failure. Diabetes poses high demand on self-care and causes serious complications if it is not treated properly, leading to high social costs in primary care.

Roger Svensson, Founder and CEO of BraineHealth AB, states: “Our mission is to provide the world with intelligent and interactive digital healthcare solutions to prevent and treat epidemic diseases like diabetes. Epidemic and chronic diseases are resource intensive for primary care and require high levels of responsibility and self-care. Unless properly treated, this results in huge costs to society as well as human suffering.

About The Diabetio Application Suite

Diabetio, an intelligent personal assistant application suite, consists of Diabetio Buddy for children and Diabetio Companion for adults. Furthermore, it includes applications such as Diabetio Teacher and Diabetio CarbCalc that will help users manage their carbohydrate intake. The product works on all mobile devices, providing increased security and freedom. The application’s interface is the socially intelligent Furhat robot that helps with the daily self-care of diabetes and reduces the risk of serious complications, through an engaging and fun user experience.

With Diabetio integrated into the Swedish public healthcare system would give everyone access to preventive diabetes care and half a million diabetics access to safe and easy self-care.

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Press contact

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About BraineHealth AB

BraineHealth AB is a Swedish company developing intelligent digital services for healthcare providers. The company was founded in 2016 by healthcare professionals specialising in primary and elderly care. The company has previously developed a digital platform for online medical advisory services, such as Lugn&Ro Doktorn. BraineHealth AB is focused on providing patients and the healthcare community solutions based on artificial intelligence for better preventive and self-management care of epidemic diseases. BraineHealth co-operates on testing new products and services with the healthcare provider Lugn&Ro Sverige AB.

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